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Gospel Life Center Munich - A Whole New Era Begins

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The city of Munich is well know around the world for events like the annual Octoberfest, a celebration of Bavarian culture - and beer. But the city is also home to one of Germany's most creative, and fast growing church.

Gospel Life Centre, led by Pastor John and Mirjana Angelina, not only runs multiple meetings every weekend to cater for its growing congregation; it also sponsors major theatrical events which are touching whole new sections of the community with the Christian message. Mal Fletcher visited again recently and had this to say: 'Gospel Life Centre is going through a whole new season of growth right now. In fact, in the past year and a half it has quadrupled in size!'

'One of the things that makes this church so unique, not only in Germany but in Europe as a whole,' says Mal, 'is that John and Mirjana have such a strong vision to use creative arts to promote Christian truth.'

'Many Germans will not go near a church normally. But they are very open to a night at the theatre, or a concert. The church has its own drama school and recently added a theatre restaurant to its complex.'

Mirjana Angelina is a gifted actress, writer and director whose plays on key events in Christina history are now filling theatres in a number of German centres. She is in demand for her ability to convey the power of faith to a secularised nation, through the prism of its historical heritage and culture. For more on the church and its outreach, go to
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