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New Generation Church Riga -- Unbelievable!

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Little more than ten years ago, Latvia was a part of the Soviet union. Today, the capital of the country, Riga, is home to one of the most exciting churches in Europe!

Mal Fletcher visited the New Generation Church in late October and came away deeply impressed by the spirit of faith and excellence on show in everything the church is doing.

The church, led by Pastor Alexey Ledyaev, has over 2000 members, with perhaps another 1000 regular attenders -- astonishing growth in such a short time. The church is heavily involved in media, generational outreach (in clubs, schools etc) and music (with rock musicals etc).

Mal spoke to pastors and leaders from the major churches across the city about contemporary church and leadership. He followed that with a powerful message to over 800 young people, then Sunday morning's main service. Each meeting was marked by powerful prophetic anointing and a strong sense of passion and faith among the people.

Mal said later, 'What an atmosphere! These people have a stronger and larger vision than most churches in western Europe right now -- and they're investing in big things, even though their own standard of living is lower than in the west.'

Mal was particularly excited about the quality of the presentation in the church. He was surprised by the level of technology involved and the high standard of the music and media in church.

'I didn't know what to expect, as I'd never visited Riga before. I had heard good things about this church -- but expected nothing like this... The atmosphere is just alive with faith and big possibilities!'

'Among other things, Alexey and his team are making TV that doesn't look like Christian TV (something close to my own heart!) and their music ... well ... I haven't heard music like this in any church for the last ten years. I'm careful in saying that, because I have the awesome priviledge of speaking in some of the world's best churches. But the music here is really something else.'

'These people have a vision for Europe, but I especially believe they will have a major impact on Russia. The church is predominantly Russian-speaking.'

Riga, a city of just 1 million people, is also home to two other churches over 800 strong. Timothy Medvedev, leader of Youth Aflame in Riga, invited Mal and is leading a powerful mission to younger people and leaders. Riga is home to both Latvian- and Russian-speaking people.

Please pray for the churches and missions working in Riga.
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