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Munich Church Growing on Many Levels

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There's so much more to Munich, and Bavaria generally, than the annual Octoberfest!

Regular readers of these news items will already be familiar with the name Gospel Life Center. It is one of Germany's most progressive and creative churches, combining sound Biblical teaching with adventurous use of the arts, including live theatre.

Mal Fletcher spoke in the church again recently, to a full house.

'It's really a privilege to track the growth in a church like this, coming back as I have done once a year for the past few years.'

'I always enjoy speaking to the leadership at GLC, as I find them particularly keen to stretch their thinking and engagement on major issues of change.'

'But I also love speaking in the church services. There is a wonderful responsiveness to thought-provoking messages - especially when it's clear the Spirit is moving in the experience. That, of course, is a testament to the fine teaching they receive every week.'

The church is led by Pastor John and Mirjana Angelina, who are great friends of Next Wave International. John's influence is growing throughout the region, as his Sunday sermons are broadcast on a respected regional TV network. A number of church members are very influential in the region, culurally and in other ways.

John was recently interviewed for a new glossy magazine, which promotes successful living, speaking on the subject of putting money in its proper place in life.

The church is constantly involved in evangelism and sees many come to faith through the touring of Mirjana Angelina, who is a well-known and respected theatre writer, actor and director. Her plays are known for helping people across Germany to understand the power of Christian faith within their culture.

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