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Greater Life for London

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London is looking forward to hosting the 2012 Olympics. But there are already some winning performances on show when it comes to the growth of churches - in size and, more importantly, influence.

The Greater Life Church in London has been around for 12 years but in recent times has been through some heavy weather.

Yet it is a commmunity of faith that is solidly founded on sound Bible teaching, quality presentation and a passion to impact its civic environment with the love and grace of God.

Under the leadership of Pastor Paul and Caroline Van Essen, the church is now building new foundations for a fresh season of growth and expansion into one of London's more creative communities.

Mal Fletcher recently visited the church for the first time, to invest time in the core leadership team and address the Sunday service.

After the Sunday, he said: 'This church has kept its pioneer spirit, which I appreciate. Like a number of churches in this great city, it has been through some ups and downs. But the leadership are putting it on a sound footing and setting it on a path toward being a strong evangelistic and training presence in its part of London.'

'These people are not afraid of hard work. They've shown that they're made of tough material; that they're willing to press forward into their full calling in Christ.'

'GLC has been a partner church with us in the work of Next Wave International for some time. Even in their own need, they have given. This is a very biblical thing to do and shows a willingness not only to be generous, but to sacrifice for the sake of the wider Kingdom of God.'

'I think we're going to hear some very good things about this church in the near future, by God's grace. My impression is that it is turning a corner, and with wise leadership it can become a hub for ideas that truly serve its community.'

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Thanks for your visit to St. Louis & the thoughtful messages you brought. I am challenged to be a city on a hill, and to not be hidden. Perhaps on your next visit, you could join in the push-up contest or drive the motorcycle. Best wishes for continued success.
John, United States

A great article on 'Hybrid Stem Cell Research'! It is not only highly relevant to current research but also shows how just a little initial compromise will eventually cause an unstoppable downslide in ethical standards with irreversible outcomes.
Ann, Australia

Mal, you have changed my life. Since you spoke at Get Smart Youth Conference in Wellington, in 2003, I have never been the same. I still have the tape & my heart & head are still coming to grips with what you said. The pioneer spirit. I LOVE IT!! Thank you so so so so much!
Kieran, New Zealand

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