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Mal Fletcher

Before You Were Born…

17 December 2018

Jeremiah 1:5 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.' (NIV)

God's calling is God's equipping. Whatever he's called you to do, he has equipped you to do – even if you don't know it yet! Moses was schooled in the house of a king, educated as a member of Pharaoh's extended family. He grew up with an understanding of what it took to build a nation. Babylon didn't make Daniel smart – he was already a man recognised for his unusual wisdom and intelligence. As a young man, Paul learned the principles of Judaism at the feet of a living legend. He also learned to speak two, possibly three languages and had a Roman passport, so that he could travel freely. Moses, Daniel and Paul could not have known when they were young why their lives had been shaped in the way they were. It was only later that they – and we – could see how God had been setting them up, positioning them for great influence. Moses built a nation – God's nation. Daniel became a prophet of unusual insight and courage -- in the world's darkest city. Paul the Roman citizen spread the gospel – among the non-Jews, around the known world. Each one was well prepared by God's own hand. God has been preparing you for years, too. If he's giving you a job to do, he has already put the ability within you. Just step out in faith and watch it come together.

Prayer: 'Lord, thank you for preparing and guiding my life through the years. Even before I knew you, you were working to position me to have an influence for you. I give you my future again today – take me and make my life something fruitful for you.'

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