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Mal Fletcher

Living off Revelation

16 July 2019

Matthew 4:4 'Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"' (NIV)

If you and I are ever to achieve something great with our lives in the service of God and other people, we must learn to live off divine revelation, rather than borrowed motivation. Many people prefer to rely on man-made formulas for success instead of relying upon God-inspired strategies. They imitate, but they don't initiate. They copy but they don't create. They never think in an original way, prefering to be spoon fed reading ultra-light motivation books or listening to salesman-like hype that tells them 'You can do it' but never quite tells them what it is they can do -- or how to do it. The renowned communication teacher, Howard Hendricks once said: 'The tombstones of many Christians including many in positions of leadership - will read, "I came. I saw. I concurred."' So many people, including many Christians, have all the cool and fashionable style in the world, but they lack any real soul! They have cookie cutter lives, with no sense of their own identity. They wear Saul's armour, going into life's battles wearing an outfit and carrying armour that they haven't tested or proven for themselves. If you accept another person's revelation, you will also inevitably take on his or her limitation. It is not wrong to imitate those you respect and admire. But we should use imitation only as a temporary scaffolding to help us build our own identity.

Prayer: 'Father, I know you have a unique plan and purpose for my life. Help me to learn all I can from the people I admire most, but help me not to live off then motivation when you want to give me personal revelation. I want to prove my own identity in you.'

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