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Mal Fletcher

The Rebel Inside

18 June 2018

Jude 1:20 'But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit.' (NIV)

I remember the first time I saw a 'Rocky' movie. Everyone in that cinema was spellbound by the performance of Sly Stallone playing one of the gustiest street fighters you'd ever meet. All except for me. I couldn't see Stallone - as far as I was concerned, that was I up there, Mal Balboa, hero extraordinaire. Many of the top rating movies of our day feature heroes who challenge and change the status quo around them. Within every one of us lives a hero, a rebel. God has given us a hero-drive, which makes us different from the animal kingdom. Because many of us don't feel like we're achieving much that's notable, we latch onto fantasy heroes who ride high in the world of movies and music. The intercessory prayer warrior is God's idea of a hero - like Jesus. Prayer is one way in which Christians can challenge and change the status quo. Prayer has changed the course of history - the histories of individual people and of nations - many times and continues to do so today. Much of the world and sometimes even some of the church would like to squash the rebel in you and I. Instead we should be teaching people how to rebel as Jesus did, to strike out against the things he too rejected - injustice, selfishness, hypocrisy and so on. We need to tap the rebel inside of us, turning the restlessness we feel into creative prayer energy.

Prayer: 'Lord, I won't "calm down". I won't lose my edge I will build myself up in faith, through prayer in the Holy Spirit. I don't want to practice sinful rebellion, but to rebel and change things the way Jesus did through the power of prayer and godly action.'

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