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Glasgow - More than William Wallace

05 March 2003

Most people associate Glasgow, Scotland and the area surrounding it with TV cop shows and stories about people like William Wallace. But there's more to Glasgow than all that!

The Covenant Life Church, Glasgow, is a church that is rapidly setting new trends in what people can expect from a Scottish church. In the past few years, the church has grown from just a few people meeting in a living room to more than a thousand people. Sunday meetings, held in a converted Church of Scotland building, are filled and community-based activities run every day of the week.

Mal Fletcher spoke at the church again in March and said later: 'Pastor Andrew and Sue Owen and their team are doing an exceptional job in an area that many other Christian leaders have written off in the past. They're building a church that is passionate about making a real difference to real people in the city of Glasgow.'

'On top of all their counselling services, their prisons training programs and their Destiny College for leadership, they're also very active in starting similar churches in other cities -- both in the UK and beyond.'

'This is one church that's well worth a visit ... or, if you live in the area and don't have a church -- join up!'

Mal spoke for church leaders from around the area, with guests coming from as far as Edinburgh. He also addressed the students at Destiny College, which has grown significantly in the past few years. A special city youth outreach saw a number make first-time commitments to Christ and the Sunday service was a time of powerful ministry.

Covenant Life sponsors a powerful conference for women, called 'Diamonds', and has set up its own Bible training program in one of the region's major prisons -- with plans for others to follow.

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