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Update on EDGES

17 March 2003

From April 3, you will find a new version of the site online. This great new version of the already popular site will allow you to stream full programs of the popular EDGES series, which is now seen in more than 80 nations around the world.

At Next Wave, we've had many requests for copies of the programs from around the world, so as a first step we're making programs available on the net. Watch for this great new outreach! Our goal is to have 250,000 individual visits (not page hits) on our websites by the end of 2003!

The TV programs are now reaching more people than ever. For example, EDGES is received in more than 5 million homes in the UK and Europe. More than 30 million people can see EDGES throughout India. More than 1 million people can see the EDGES programs in West Kenya, and more in Uganda. EDGES can be seen also be seen in Namibia and Nigeria. EDGES has recently launched on two outlets in the Philippines and on one in New Zealand. EDGES has recently been showing on mainstream secular networks in Australia (Seven Network), South Africa (SABC 1, 16 million viewers) and Denmark. In South Africa, a further 700,000 people can view EDGES via digital TV boxes. EDGES programs are sometimes shown on, based in the US.

In March, Mal will be visiting our friends at B/M/C Advertising in Tulsa, for two days of planning meetings on taking EDGES to an even wider audience. Please pray for wisdom and favour!

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