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Networks 03, Amsterdam - Special Report

30 May 2003

In the month of May each year, NWI hosts two truly UNIQUE network meetings of apostolic leadership from across Europe and the world. This year, the network meetings were held in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland and one of Europe's key cultural centres.

The Strategic Leadership Consultation draws together highly respected apostolic senior leaders of great churches and national church networks from more than 16 nations across Europe, and other key people from elsewhere who have a proven passion for Europe. The EYE network is for key leaders of young people across cities and nations.

Each leader at these high-level round-table strategy meetings is specially invited because of the unique contribution they're making as leaders of other leaders in some of Europe's major centres.

These are not open sessions. Both networks have one focus -- to change the future of Europe through the power of the gospel. The major theme running through this year's events was the fact that there are 450 million people coming into the expanding EU - that's the size of our target, and our opportunity!

Some of the highlights of these 3 days included the panel sessions which ran along the lines of a TV panel show, with input from various leaders followed by forum time. Each session saw an open, honest and inspiring exchange of experiences and ideas.

These networks are unique in that they allow leaders at this level to share common experiences - across denominational, national and language barriers.

The Next Wave banquet was a major highlight this year. Two generations of leaders together shared an excellent meal together, followed by a powerful keynote message from Mal Fletcher on bringing down the strongholds in Europe.

Mal said, 'The church in Europe must stop acting like a defending army, an army of occupation, and start thinking and behaving like an invading force again.'

Members of the networks reported that this was one of the highlights of the event.

The Saturday morning prayer session had everyone wanting more and the session on the power of generations saw an open exchange of feelings and ideas between generations. This session was a major challenge and many have asked for it to be given even more time next year.

During EYE, Russell Evans from PlanetShakers Australia, shared a powerful message on 'Shaping the Future through the Power of Faith.'

As host of the networks Mal Fletcher said afterwards: 'I want to specially thank the leadership of Maranatha Christian Church in Amsterdam, and in particular Senior Pastor Stanley Hofwijks and Pastor Gerard Liesdek for the generous spirit they showed in helping us to put the event in Amsterdam. None of these apostolic leaders will forget their Amsterdam experience.'

You will hear of fruit from these meetings in years to come across Europe.

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