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EDGES 6 in the Pipeline

19 August 2003

Things are on the move with the early production phase of EDGES series 6.

For a great insight into the impact of EDGES, see the feature interview with Mal in GOD TV's August magazine - at

The production team have started, with Mal, to shape the look and content of the new series, which will God-willing eventually be available in more than 190 nations.

This series will present Christian responses to topical issues including: War, The Cashless Society, The Power of Branding (& Buzz), The Reproduction Industry, Ageing (& the anti-ageing industry), Smoking, Generations and more.

BMC Advertising based in Tulsa (and London) continues to investigate possibilities for more broadcasts on secular networks in Europe, the USA and elsewhere.

Mal's vision is to speak where people listen and to pioneer a new paradigm of Christian-based production that is seen in mainstream media. (We also hope to have some exciting news shortly re new broadcasts in Australia!)

Please pray for the team as they seek to raise finance for the production of EDGES 6.

You can see the progress of the sponsorship drive at

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