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15 September 2003

We continue to push ahead on several fronts with the 'Edges with Mal Fletcher' TV programs.

Right now, EDGES can be seen in more than 210 countries. On September 14, EDGES kicked off on the Nine Network across Australia, the largest broadcaster in the nation.

Right now, Next Wave and its partners at BMC Advertising (USA) are talking with secular networks in the USA and Europe. At the same time, we push ahead with pre-production of the new series, number six.

To learn more about that process, and to find out how you can be involved in various ways, sign up for the monthly EDGES update, at (you can watch full shows there, too). Mal says, 'We want to speak in the mainstream, where most of the people are listening.

Please pray that God will give us the sponsorship support we need to complete series 6, so that we can explain the Christian message to people who might never watch preaching on TV.'

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