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Hillsong Church Sydney Continues to Break Records

19 November 2004

The Hillsong Church in Sydney is already known around the world for its strength in worship and in leadership. Mal Fletcher preached in the church again in November and was impressed with the evident growth during this year. 'Hillsong Church is definitely one of the world's real showcase churches. If anybody doubts that Christians can have a huge influence on the life of a city, they should visit this church!'

Hillsong is led by Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, whose books and TV programs are known in many parts of the world. The Hillsong worship music is renowned for its passion, and the sense of God's presence it brings. The annual Hillsong conference in Sydney now attracts 20,000 people from across the globe for what is now a major statement to a nation.

Mal preached in five services over the weekend, in both of the church's major congregations: in the city itself and in the Hills district in the western suburbs. He said later: 'I always come away from this great church feeling inspired. Even though I'm the one who's been preaching, and giving it everything I have, the church lifts me.'

'I remember when the church was just new and a few hundred people strong. Now, it is nothing short of a phenomenon.'

'I know that Brian, Bobbie and their very committed leadership team have worked hard to keep the church moving forward. The church is a testament to what great leadership can do, under God's special favour.'

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