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Hillsong -- 3000 Workshops!

09 August 2000

This year's Hillsong conference was another outstanding success, with thousands of people flying in from across the globe.

Mal Fletcher, who took part as a speaker in the second week of the conference, said 'I remember the first three Hillsong events. It's amazing how God has blessed this thing! It just keeps breaking its own records - and, more importantly, raising the bar on our standards of worship and leadership.'

This year, over 3000 workshops were on offer, as well as the packed main meetings, which were spread over several venues.

Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston do an oustanding job of leading all this and they have a world class team around them.

Mal added, 'A lot of European leaders, and others around the world, ask me if the investment in getting to Hillsong would be a good one for them. My answer is always the same: YES! Do it.'

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