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Leaders: Expand Your Worldview.

20 August 2009

'A leader with a narrow worldview has a very short shelf life,' says Mal Fletcher.

In a new leadership editorial published on this site, Mal writes: 'In an age of increasingly rapid change, professional qualifications and an impressive resume are no longer enough to guarantee longevity of tenure, or enduring influence.'

'People in industry, as in life generally, are looking for information that has been processed through the filter of a wide band of knowledge and wisdom, so that it can be applied constructively and quickly.'

'The wider your knowledge base as a leader, the greater is your capacity to interpret new technologies and ideas and turn them into something useful.'

Mal adds: 'As I travel the world speaking to civic, business, media and community leaders, I'm constantly surprised at how limited is the worldview of so many who hold positions of influence.'

'This limits their ability to make sense of change on behalf of others, which is a key requirement of leadership today.'

This article is a MUST READ for all leaders and people of influence.

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