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Ice Buckets & Motor Neurone Disease

Mal Fletcher on BBC Radio
Added 01 September 2014
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Undoubtedly the ice bucket challenge has raised huge amounts of money for charity, in particular for research into the as yet little understood Motor Neurone Disease.

But is the challenge, driven by social media, at times distracting from the cause? How central is social media to challenges like this one and what impact do social media have on the way we think and behave?

Mal Fletcher discussed these questions in this discussion hosted by BBC Radio's Bill Heine.

This interview is part of a longer discussion (Sun Aug 31, 2014) involving fellow guests Mark Stone, trustee of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, and Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council. The full interview is on the BBC Oxford "listen again" site for a short time only.

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Your new book is a must - having read a few of the excerpts available online, it is one I will be ordering. Gen-Xers, the future is ours. Thanks Mal for your Godly guidance and belief.
Damien, Australia

I like the way Mal shows us we can make a difference in our society. Keep up all your good work.
Pedro, Portugal

A great article on 'Hybrid Stem Cell Research'! It is not only highly relevant to current research but also shows how just a little initial compromise will eventually cause an unstoppable downslide in ethical standards with irreversible outcomes.
Ann, Australia

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