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James 5:20 'Remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins.' (NIV)

The postmodern concept of political correctness preaches that tolerances mean letting people do whatever they want. In this view of life, there is no place for correction. The Bible is very clear, though: there will be times when we need to correct a friend or a loved one, if we truly care for them. Correction is seldom pleasant to receive and never easy to give. Giving correction involves a major risk: people may reject what you say, and your friendship with it. Nevertheless, says James, I should be willing to take the risk because the eternal soul of my friend may be at risk. What counts most is not just how their behaviour affects them or other people in the here and now, but how it affects their eternal destiny. If I see a friend habitually doing something wrong and I fail to offer correction, I am just standing by waving while they drive down the road to spiritual death. It would be better for me to lose their friendship than to know that I've helped them lose their very soul! Correction must be offered in a spirit of humility, not arrogance, and with an attitude of empathy, not self-righteousness. And it must be done in such a way that we point people to the love and forgiveness of God, not to condemnation. But correction lovingly given is one of the greatest signs of true friendship.

Prayer: 'Lord Jesus, I know that I have many flaws of my own and I thank you for your correction in my life. Help me not to be afraid to offer correction to a friend whose behaviour is leading him/her away from you. Help me to be a true friend!'

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Mal, a massive thanks from a baby boomer & a gen-Xer who had the priviledge of being inspired by you at the ALC Leadership Academy. You have really helped make sense of the world that we are seeking to influence...
Nigel & Christine, United Kingdom

I want to commend you for the good work you are doing. I'm a 28 year old minister [in Ghana] whom God has called to ... bring together God's people to fight against issues that are killing the youth of today. [My ministry] would like to affiliate itself with your ministry.
prophet alfred , Ghana

Thanks for putting your free podcasts on your website. Spread the word! Tonight I listened to 'Living with Excellence' - a fantastic message, professionally delivered with humour, clarity and compassion. Thank you Mal!
Christer, United Kingdom

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