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Corporate Prayer

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James 5:16 'Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.'

Sometimes, when we face a problem, sickness or spiritual attack, we place our faith in the power of prayer only as a last resort. What's more, when we do pray we all too often go it alone. We don't seem to have much faith in the corporate prayer of the church. In this verse, James is very clear. One righteous person -- one person whom God has declared righteous in Christ -- can achieve amazing results through determined and focussed prayer. Yet, there will be times when we need more; when we need to open up to others and have them pray with us and for us. That can be a costly process, because it means we have to take the risk of vulnerability. It means admitting that we're in need of help and healing. Sometimes it may even mean confessing that we might have failed in some way, that we need grace to turn things around. Jesus promised us that whenever and wherever we join together in his name, he would be there in the very centre of things. When Christians join together in prayer, Jesus' power and presence are revealed in a very special way. The risk of vulnerability that is always inherent in corporate prayer is one that's worth taking.

Prayer: 'Jesus, thank you for standing with your people! Help me to practice the power of prayer, in my needs and the needs of others -- and help me to ask for prayer from others when I need it. '

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In the UK in 2008, the Church does not seem to do well on broadcast media. Yet it has important things to say. I want to thank you Mal for your forward-looking approach to sorting this out.
Alan, United Kingdom

I want to pray for you and your vision and activity of kingdom faith. I would also like to participate in your leadership conferences.
ngouandji-israel, Congo (RC)

Mal, I just wanted to thank you for visiting Abundant Life and RN06. I am a psychiatrist in the NHS and agree very much with what you were saying about the secular services coming to us in 20 years for advice on how to do things. A group of us are starting a ministry to be ready to be asked!
Rob, United Kingdom

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