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God Will Spare no Expense

18 June 2024 Print version    PDA version    
Isaiah 60:13 'The glory of Lebanon will come to you, the pine, the fir and the cypress together, to adorn the place of my sanctuary; and I will glorify the place of my feet.'

The Bible says that the steps of a good person are ordered, or directed, by the Lord. As we walk in obedience to God, our paths are established and made firm and God makes sure that we walk with clarity and purpose. God is concerned with the steps we take for good reason. You see God has made his sanctuary, his dwelling place, in you. His home address is you! Your steps are his steps, your feet are his feet and your hands are his hands. This verse says that God wants to make the place of his own feet 'glorious'. He wants the world to look at the way he does things and wonder at it. Because you represent him, and he dwells within you, he wants to make your steps glorious. He wants to fill the path you take with light and wonder. He also wants to beautify your life. The trees this verse mentions were among the most expensive and desirable in the Middle East of Bible times. God wants to adorn your life with the best that he has. He will spare no expense in making your life notable and enviable. By adorning you with favour, and making the path you tread a glorious one, is bringing honour to his name.

Prayer: 'Father, I really believe that you want to beautify my life, to make the path of my feet a glorious one, because I am the place of your sanctuary. I accept that promise and pray that you will help me to walk in its truth today.'

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God is true to His word. [Recently] it seemed as though I faced an entire mountain range. A friend blessed me with the Next Wave site. God bless you Mal and all the saints who knit your ministry together. On to massive revival in Europe.
Robert, Germany

Mal, love EDGES and loved hearing you speak at Hillsong London, it was awesome.
Zac, UK

I'd like to say how good it is that your EDGES programs can be accessed via the Internet. I think you explain the Christian perspective excellently.

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