Next Wave International Next Wave International™ is a faith-based communications group which is
training organizations to engage the future & move society forward
in a positive direction. Founder / Director: Mal Fletcher
Next Wave International™ is a communications group which is training companies, major community organizations, charities and churches to engage the future and move society forward in a positive direction - with a special focus on Europe.

The organization was first set up in Melbourne, Australia in 1993, to run an annual conference for community & church leaders. Offices were then added in Copenhagen, Denmark and London. The group was founded by social futurist, social commentator, speaker and broadcaster Mal Fletcher, who was formerly the founding National Director of Youth Alive Australia.

Next Wave International has strong links with the evangelical wing of the Christian church in Europe. Our work is definitely faith-based, but is not exclusive to the church. We are driven by a passion to help shape a better future for society as a whole, especially in Europe.

In September 2010, Next Wave International celebrated its fifteenth year of operation in Europe.

Next Wave International was behind the formation of the Euro Youth Events network between 1996 and 2002. This network of community and church leaders ran ongoing, city-wide, alcohol-free youth concerts in eight European capitals. A number of these events are still running and building bridges between troubled youth and community help organizations.

Since 1997, we have also hosted the annual Strategic Leadership Consultation, a think-tank summit for major European community leaders. Discussions at the invitation-only event cover a wide range of issues relating to the future of Europe, and the needs of its people.

Guest contributors at the event have included social campaigner Professor Alister McGrath, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Steve Chalke MBE, Dr. Joel Edwards, Reinhard Bonnke, Winkie Pratney, Arthur Blessitt, Gerald Coates and futurists Dr. Tom Sine and Dr. Patrick Dixon.

Next Wave International also produces the award-winning Edges TV series. More than 80 thirty minute magazine documentaries have been made since the first was made in 1996. These have been seen around the world on stations including the Nine and Seven networks in Australia, TV2 in Denmark, SABC1 in South Africa and many independent satellite and web-based TV stations.

In 2010, we launched a new TV series called Catalyst, featuring interviews with noted activists, thinkers and social campaigners whose work is bringing positive change to individuals and communities.

At the start of 2008, we launched the Change2020 tour project, to inspire 10 years of positive change in local communities and cities, as churches, clubs and other civic groups work together.

From this initiative came the 20.2020Project, run in conjunction with the 2020Plus think tank. Its aim is to help community service organisations to build relationships of trust with top-tier civic leaders in their cities, thus facilitating networks for positive social change and urban renewal.

You can join us in helping to reshape the future Europe. Click here to find out how.

In the UK, Next Wave International is a Company Ltd by Guarantee registered in England & Wales No. 5208960 and a Registered UK Charity No. 1109710. In Australia, Next Wave International operates as Next Wave International Inc., ABN: 16 436 583 746.

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Passion: I think it flew out the window the moment political correctnes reared its ugly head! So much in the world today is bland and lacking in intensity but I don't want to calm down!
Ann, Australia

It was great to hear Mal teach at our church last night, he really made me think outside the box. His message was challenging and educational. A big thank you to everyone at Next Wave for all you do.
Darran, United Kingdom

I want to thank you for your wonderful devotions. They help guide my walk with Christ. God bless you and your work.
Cheryl, United States

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