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Gen-X Church Breaks New Ground in Sweden

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Sweden is known, in Christian circles, for having a fine evangelical history. Many visitors have commented, though, that the present does not match the past. But there are exciting changes taking place!

United! is a church that is breaking down walls between the church and the community and, in the process, seeking to redefine the paradigm of what church means in this new century.

Pastor Magnus Persson and his team are working to present a creative face to their community -- to impact the city of Malmö in southern Sweden and, in time, the entire Öresund region, which takes in larger city of Copenhagen, Denmark. The church is firmly based on a strong leadership team. Whilst the church started two years ago with mainly GenX adult leaders, it is now attracting people of all ages who have a hunger to see a vibrant, relevant and prophetic Christian voice in the city.

Mal Fletcher visited the church in March, where he challenged members of this exciting new church to win the battle of influence in their private worlds.

'Gen 1:26-28 tells us that the first mandate God laid upon the shoulders of human kind was the mandate to influence,' Mal said. 'Our first call is to fill the earth and have dominion over it.'

'Because influence is hard-wired into the human condition, influence will flow in our world. Either we will influence the often godless, egocentric culture around us or it will most certainly squeeze us into its mould.'

'Christians can win the battle for influence. We can reshape the future before someone else's vision of the future reshapes us!'

You can hear the message in full at our resources area.

United! is destined for great things. Mal says, 'This is one church to keep your eye on!'

(You can visit their website at

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