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Signs of Breakthrough in Europe's South

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The Abundant Life church in Lisbon, Portugal recently hosted a national conference featuring Mal Fletcher.

The event drew people from across the nation, and from abroad. The response to the ministry was outstanding, with sessions packed 'wall-to-wall' and overflow rooms also crammed to the limit.

The church started in the early 90s under the leadership of Pastor Joao Cardosso. It now numbers more than 1500 people but what makes it especially significant is the fact that it has launched 21 other churches in Portugal and 20 more throughout the Portugese-speaking world, in countries such as Angola, Brazil and Mozambique.

Portugal itself is a nation of 10 million people, of which 1.5 per cent is evangelical Christian. There are 52 counties in Portugal -- representing 1 million people -- that have no evangelical church.

The Lisbon church is developing plans for a major new community centre and for major influence through TV and radio.

Commenting on the conference Mal said, 'Talking to this church about things like winning the battle of influence in a city, and defining the dominant culture in a nation, is ministry well invested. They are already beginning to position themselves for real influence.'

Pastor Cardosso will join Mal and other key European leaders for the Strategic Leadership Consultation in Amsterdam.

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I am so thankful that I was directed towards Mal's article on Why Christian Minister's Fall. Thankyou, Mal, for such Godly insight & wisdom into how we should be reacting to such situations.
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Re the Bridgend suicides: This is a horrible tragedy for this town. The promise and excitement these young people have missed of college, getting married, children, having a career, being a grandparent, traveling the world... Where is the parental involvement in all this?
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I just love your truly impacting comments and articles and find myself hungering for more after every one arrives. Thank God you are willing servants...
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