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Aussie Churches on the Move!

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Many Australian churches are going through a real growth phase right now,' reports Mal Fletcher, who is currently on a speaking tour of the continent.'And the signs are that they are gearing up for a new period of growth as they invest more and more in leadership development alongside community action work.'

Australia has seen great growth particularly in the charismatic wing of the Christian church. Over the past 15 years, pentecostal and charismatic movements have gone from being largely unknown quantities to respected groups today.

The major churches, which provide great models for both church planters and leaders of established works, are well led and increasingly involved in community work. Yet they have not lost their drive for preaching the gospel and seeing people changed through the power of Christ.

Recently, the nation's Bulletin magazine - Australia's equivalent of Newsweek - featured a cover story on the growth of these churches and the style of their presentation, teaching and social work.

Youth Alive Australia, the major youth wing of these movements, now reaches hundreds of thousands of GenXers and teenagers directly in a year. Mal Fletcher was a key pioneer of this movement and its first national director and he paid tribute to its current leadership: 'Youth Alive is the most dynamic and influential national Christian youth movement I have seen anywhere in the world. It is well-led, by gifted GenX leaders, and it is well positioned to become a major influence in Aussie GenX and Gen NeXt culture.'

Australia was once called, by the U.N., 'the world's first post-Christian country.' God, it seems, love to do what people least expect him to do! He is building something very Christian in the land down under!
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Hey Mal, I'm in Melbourne & grabbed your book Making God Famous. I was inspired as you told the story of leaving Youth Alive & going to Europe. People who maintain their passion are an encouragement to us all.
Gerry, Australia

Mal, it was good to see you at Christian Broadcasters Conference 07. You have an insight & perspective that's extremely helpful as the UK Christian Broadcasting industry slowly grows up & matures.
Tim, United Kingdom

Passion: I think it flew out the window the moment political correctnes reared its ugly head! So much in the world today is bland and lacking in intensity but I don't want to calm down!
Ann, Australia

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