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Hills Christian Life Centre in Sydney, Australia has become renowned in many parts of the world as the host for the annual Hillsong conference, which attracts people from across the globe.

Mal Fletcher was the geast speaker at this great church on Saturday & Sunday, June 4-5.

During the 24-hour period, which featured 6 sessions in all, Mal spoke about being people of influence, a theme that was very well received.

'Every Christian is called to have influence,' said Mal. 'And God has allotted to every one of us a zone of influence - an area in which we can bring change for the Kingdom of God. That sphere is bigger than you think, and it will take more than an investment of your spare change and spare time to fill it!'

(Shortly, you'll be able to buy tapes of this series on our new webshop - almost complete.)

Every session saw a full house, with the evening meetings needing extra seating to be brought in - quite a common occurrence now at Hills, as the church is laying the groundwork for its new building which will seat over 3000 people.

Mal's Saturday night session was hosted by Sydney CLC, first pioneered by Pastor Frank Houston but now also under the umbrella of the Hills church. Hills is led by Pastor Brian Houston, president of the Australian Christian Churches network and president of the Assemblies of God in Australia.

Mal will be speaking during Hillsong in July (week 2), July 11-14. As of the time of writing, Hillsong bookings are up again on last year. This great leadership and worship conference grows year by year.

Please pray for Mal's intensive speaking tour throughout Australia, which takes in 4 states and many major churches and organizations.

(For details on all Mal's many speaking engagements on this tour of Australia, see the related story in this section.)
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Excellent web sites and presentations! Sound teaching, scriptural enlightenment, etc.
L. Jeff, Australia

Mal, the Lord gives you deep and important insights into many current issues. Thanks for being faithful to him.

Passion: I think it flew out the window the moment political correctnes reared its ugly head! So much in the world today is bland and lacking in intensity but I don't want to calm down!
Ann, Australia

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