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Looking Ahead Into 2006: Interview

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Premier Radio's Olave Snelling interviewed Mal Fletcher for this special new year's edition of the Prayer Programme.

This inspiring and thought-provoking interview (27 mins) looks at what the Christian church can look forward to in 2006 and what special challenges and opportunities it faces.

Mal shares about the importance of forward-looking faith combined with strategic planning.

'The church,' he says, 'is becoming better at analytical thinking ... but we still have a way to go with strategic thinking ... [which is] planning to change the future.'

'The most urgent question for every Christian is this: what kind of city do you want to be living in ten years from now, if Jesus hasn't returned, and what can you do to set that in motion?'

'If every Christian thought that way, imagine how much change we could bring to our world.'

The interview will be broadcast three times on Premier Radio over the new year holiday season. Premier is widely recognised as Britain's foremost Christian radio station and is also available online, via Freeview in the UK(channel 96), via Sky digital (channel 873)and on cable (ntl channel 886).

For more on Premier, visit

Listen to the interview now. Click here (Windows streaming format, 27.5 mins).

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