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American Church With Big Future

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Virginia Beach, Virginia is a very scenic part of the U.S.A. Located just one hour (or less) by plane from Washington D.C., it sits right beside the Norfolk Naval Base, one of the largest such facilities in the world.

In years to come, it may well be that one of main attractions for visitors to the area will not be the beaches, but the Virginia Beach Christian Life Centre.

This church has grown from just a small congregation to over one thousand people in just a couple of years. It owns two large properties and an excellent church facility that's set up for contemporary church.

Steve and Sharon Kelly, pastors of the church, are originally from Sydney, Australia, where they were part of the Hillsong church. Steve was associate minister to Brian Houston, the senior pastor of that great church.

Mal Fletcher recently visited the church and had this to say about it: 'Virginia Beach CLC is an outstanding church. I have absolutely no doubt that, in the very near future, this church could become on of the most influential not only in north-eastern USA, but the entire country.'

'Already, leaders from other states are looking to this great church for leadership, as they relate to its visionary, contemporary style.'

'The worship is second to none and the church structure is entirely built around a vision for influence in the wider community. Many influential people already call this place home, but I know that in days to come this will become a magnet for people who aspire to reshape their world - in business, government, the arts, media and much more.'

Pastor Steve Kelly is a very gifted preacher and communicator who, whilst he travels extensively, has a very strong primary commitment to his church.

For more information on this exciting church: Click Here
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Dear Mal, I saw you some years ago in Lisbon. I was deeply blessed by your prophetic spirit for the nations. I'm especially moved by your messages that speak about being an influence in our world...
Paulo Batista, Portugal

Mal, I just wanted to thank you for visiting Abundant Life and RN06. I am a psychiatrist in the NHS and agree very much with what you were saying about the secular services coming to us in 20 years for advice on how to do things. A group of us are starting a ministry to be ready to be asked!
Rob, United Kingdom

Great to hear those 80s songs (that blessed so many back then). 'To share God's love in music and word' is a great calling. I guess there's no time for a new album?!
Ann, Australia

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