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Special Thank You To All EDGES Supporters - VID

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During filming of the new 'Political Correctness' EDGES programme in Oxford recently, Mal Fletcher took time out to send a special video message to the churches and a few individuals who are financially supporting the production.

'People think that if you have made more than 60 TV documentaries, you must have a lot of money. It's not true! We have done it sacrificially, by making a little go a very long way -- because we know that this is a part of the mission God has given us to contemporary cultures around the world.

"To be honest, we could really do with some more support for EDGES. So many people write to us telling us they enjoy the programme, but not many actually want to donate to help us continue.

"This series, like all the others before it, is a complete faith venture -- and a brand new step in global mission. all the feedback we get suggests that EDGES is unique -- and we continue to lift the standard in terms of substance and production values.

"I know our viewers are going to be really excited by this new look, high-powered EDGES series."

Want to accept the challenge? Help us present the Christian message in an intelligent, entertaining and relevant package. EVERY donation is recognized and appreciated -- and EVERY donation helps us, no matter how small it may seem to you.

To donate, click here.

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Mal you are truly a profound and prolific speaker. Your EDGES programs have been really insightful and helpful.

As a local youth pastor and high school chaplain, I am constantly looking for resources and articles that ask prophetic questions and give Christ-centred answers. Your stuff hits the mark every time.
Rob, Australia

Mal, great show on on generations!! Keep the teachings going. I think the biggest problem with generations is the turning away from God's way & doing it ourselves.
Rob, USA

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