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New Media and Internet Initiatives -- 2002

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Next Wave International continues to forge ahead pioneering new Christian ventures in TV and the Internet.

God has given Mal Fletcher two major new media strategies for 2002, one involving a series of documentaries for TV and the other a large, Europe-wide project for the Internet, pulling together the strengths of some of Europe's most dynamic and fast-growing churches. (Details later)...

As part of the Internet project, Next Wave is seeking to bring to Europe our first Internet evangelist, Dean Worth. Dean lives in Melbourne, Australia and would bring to the mission great expertise and experience in web design and management as well as a passion for Europe.

Dean is currently seeking to raise support to make it possible for him to relocate for the ministry across Europe.

Do you see the massive potential for Christian outreach on the Internet? Do you see the potential for networking churches together across Europe for major Internet projects?

If the answer is 'yes', you can become a central part of this new venture by supporting the one God has called to work on it. You can contribute to Dean's support as an Internet missionary from your church, business, or family!

If you would like to be involved, or have any questions on this, please e-mail us at:

Please pray for funding for these projects. Prayer unlocks locked doors!
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Mal might be interested by this interview with MTV's Mark Crispin Miller about media & marketing. Thanks for your ministry
Paul Hockley, Norway

Mal, great show on on generations!! Keep the teachings going. I think the biggest problem with generations is the turning away from God's way & doing it ourselves.
Rob, USA

I am an Italian pastor with a vision to plant churches in my nation. Please pray for me, my family and my church. God Bless You!
Saverio, Italy

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