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What Is The 2020Plus Think Tank?

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Many readers of this news feed will be familiar with the work of 2020Plus, the 'sister' organisation to Next Wave International.

2020Plus is a London-based think tank on social affairs and leadership innovation. The goal of 2020Plus is to help individuals and communities to engage with future change and to equip forward-thinking leaders for the corporate and civic worlds.

Founder and chairman of 2020Plus, who also leads Next Wave International, Mal Fletcher, says: 'In an age of rapid change, people and entire communities are looking for reference points for values and behaviour, as well as opportunities to invest in positive change.'

'Though small, we're providing expert comment for the media, press and new media on major issues of social change and what these will mean for the future of society. We're also providing world-class speaking presentations for leadership events in the corporate and civic markets.'

Next Wave International is partnering with 2020Plus on several initiatives, including the new 2020Plus/church initiative.

Though the two organisations are separate entities, they share a common commitment to work for positive change in communities across Europe.

Hear Mal Fletcher describe (in 1 minute) the vision of 2020Plus: click here.

Read more about 2020Plus and sample the many resources it provides, visit

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