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Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within
Melanie Phillips
The Observer newspaper described this book as 'explosive'. In a sense it is, because the author dares to say what most other British journalists seem to find unsayable: that the presence of Islamo-fundamentalist terrorism in the UK is in part a result of a climate of denial and fear in the British establishment, from its universities to its politicos and its media houses. Personally, I think the author is refreshingly honest and makes a good case for the fact Britian has allowed herself to be weakened by a denial of its Christian heritage. It's written about London, but the case applies to other Euro cities too.


Super-State: The New Europe And Its Challenge To America
Stephen Haseler
For the Europhiles out there, this is another must read. It looks into the rise to prominence of Europe on every level in our increasingly globalised international culture. Haseler shows how the new Europe is quietly becoming a major challenger to the USA on the world stage.


The United States Of Europe
T. R. Reid
This book does what the cover says: it goes from the Euro to Eurovision, digging into 'the superpower nobody talks about'. This is one of the most accessible and enjoyable books I've read on the current status of Europe in the world, politically, economically and socially -- and Europe's rise to even greater prominence in the world that's just around the corner. If you're a Europhile like myself, grab this book now.


Saddam's Secrets
Georges Sada (with Jim Nelson Black)
This is the compelling true story of an Iraqi general who, as a Christian, defied and survived the regime of Saddam Hussein. Known personally to the dictator, General Sada came close to death at the hands of the dictator on a number of occasions but survived because of his total commitment to be truthful, even when it could cost him everything. A remarkable story of hope and faith -- and a clever insight into the politics of the region even now.


The European Dream
Jeremy Rifkin
Rifkin's book has to be one of the top 2-3 I've read all year! He presents a fascinating and compelling case for the fact that the Europe dream is starting to eclipse its American counterpart as an ideal for the rest of the world. If you share my passion for Europe, you will learn a lot from this book and find yourself getting excited about the future of the continent.


State Of Fear
Michael Crichton
Chricton's most famous novel is of course, Jurassic Park. All of his stories, though -- or, those I've read -- both celebrate science and warn against what scientists call 'the law of unintended consequences'. In this book, Chricton presents not just a story but a well-research commentary on how collective social fears today (e.g. fear of global warming) are being used for agendas other than those of pure science.


Approaching HoofBeats: The Four HorseMen of the Apocalypse
Billy Graham, Avon Books, 1983
This may seem a strange addition to the social issues section of this reading list, but don't be to put off by the title. Billy Graham presents us with an interesting picture of where society may be headed, based on his interpretation of apocalyptic Scripture. In the 20 years or so since this book was written, many of the projections presented have become reality. As you would expect in a book about the future, Dr Graham engages in some speculation as he seeks to interpret apocalyptic Bible passages. He does, though, manage always to stay evangelistic in his approach, engaging the reader and posing questions which are worth considering.


The Real Face of Atheism
Ravi Zacharias, Baker Books, 2004
Ravi Zacharias is one of the leading Christian apologists of our time. Atheism, he says, is a world without God. Its true nature -- whether disguised in eastern mysticism or American cynicism -- is despair. In this great book, he exposes the lack of hope within atheism and explains how a worldview based on faith in God is the key to fulfilment. This book is a systematic examination of atheistic positions on human nature, the meaning of life, morality, death and much more. I am a great fan of just about everything Zacharias writes, and this book is no disappointment. It is well worth your time and investment, especially if you aspire to influence a postmodern and, as some secularists would like to believe, post-Christian age.


Faith, God, and Rock and Roll
Mark Joseph, Baker Books, 2003
Over the past 10 years, there has been a growing interface between contemporary Christian music and the musical mainstream in America. In this book, Joseph shows how major American artists have been influenced by Christian faith and how this influence goes way beyond what is normally measured through Christian music charts. Each chapter discusses the impact of Christianity on one artist. Some of his choices are, frankly, surprising but it is fascinating to see how much Christianity impacts artist behind the scenes, if not always in their actual performance.


Belief in God in an Age of Science
John Polkinghorne, Yale Nota Berne, 2003
John Polkinghorne is an internationally known theoretical physicist and theologian. So, he is eminently qualified to write a book about the possibilities of believing in God in an age of science. In this very thought-provoking book, the author focuses on the possible overlaps between science and theology, calling them "intellectual cousins". For anyone, like me, who has a deep interest in apologetics, this book is a great investment. It is a very accessible read, too.


Letter from America
Alistair Cooke, Penguin, 2005
For almost 60 years, Alastair Cooke, a British-born journalist living in America, sent home his weekly Letter from America radio spot which was broadcast on BBC radio and then to much of the world. In that time he tracked the changes occurring in American society, covering key moments including the assassination of President Kennedy, the Vietnam war and Watergate. He was still doing this through the events 9/11 and the 2004 US elections. This book contains first-hand accounts of major events in modern American history and their effect on everyday people. It also contains shapr observations on American culture and civilisation generally.


Dictionary of the Future
Faith Popcorn and Adam Hanft, Hyperion, 2001
Faith Popcorn has a well-established reputation as one of today's leading futurists. In this book with Adam Hanft, she discusses some of the major changes we might expect to our culture, media, medicine, fashion, environment, employment and even language in the next few years. Much of it, of course, is based on speculation, but the speculation is rooted in research. A great resource for leaders who want truly to lead -- to provide a path forward.


Refuting Evolution
Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., Answers in Genesis, 1999
This little handbook offers a challenge to the perceived wisdom of Darwin's evolutionary theory. It offers evidence for a young planet earth, discusses radiometric dating techniques, looks at the "big bang" theory and offers alternative explanations regarding the fossil record.


Futurewise: Six Faces Of Global Change
Patrick Dixon, Profile Books, 2004
Dr Patrick Dixon has been called Europe’s leading futurologist. He is a regular consultant to major corporations around the world and often contributes comment to major media outlets in Europe and beyond. This book is one of the best I have read on the likely shape of things to come. Dixon describes a world of the near future which is characterised by several key words: fast, urban, tribal, universal and radical. His description of present reality and what it might mean for our future and that of our children’s generation is intriguing. This book is well worth reading if, like me, you aspire to establish through your life some place of long-term influence.


Burning Questions
Mal Fletcher
This title is also available in e-Book format from our Webshop.
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None of These Diseases: The Bibles Health Secrets for the 21st Century
S. I. McMillen, David E. Stern
An interesting look at the practical biblical keys to good health.


How to Rescue the Earth Without Worshipping Nature: A Christian's Call to Save Creation
Tony Campolo


Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People
Judith A. Reisman, et al
Tearing apart one of secular culture's cornerstone defenses for sexual promiscuity.


Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls
Mary Pipher
Looks at the developmental needs in the lives of girls.


Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys
Daniel J. Kindlon, et al
Looks at developmental needs in the lives of boys.


New Issues Facing Christians Today
John Stott
A classic


High Tech/High Touch: Technology and Our Accelerated Search for Meaning
Nana Naisbitt, et al
How changes in technology are affecting our culture and humanity.

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