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The Second Coming of the Church
George Barna, Word Books, 1998
The cover of this book says: "Today's church is incapable of responding to the present moral crisis. It must reinvent itself or it will face virtual oblivion by mid-20 first century." This is a taste of what's to come in this book. Barna draws upon his extensive experience as a researcher on faith and social issues to demonstrate that if we continue with business as usual, we will lose the battle for hearts and minds in the West. Thankfully, he also offers practical advice on how we might make the changes that are needed if we’re to engage our culture. The book is written from an American point of view, but the principles are, I think, universally relevant.


Changing the Mind of Missions
James F. Engel and William A. Dyrness, Inter Varsity Press, 2000
The authors argue convincingly that the world has changed a great deal since Western missionaries set sail across the seas. At the birth of the new millennium, as the church around the world sets ever greater missions goals, we need to understand the changing face of world mission. Our message has not changed, but our world certainly has. The authors show us just how far behind the times we are when it comes in connecting with unchurched cultures and people groups. This book is a good investment for any Christian leader who has a passion to reach beyond the borders of their own city -- which, of course, should be every one of us. It will challenge your thinking and ask you to leave your comfort zone, but it will also encourage you as to what can be achieved.


Inspiring Leadership
John Adair, Thorogood, 2002
John Adair set out to identify some of the great leaders in history and to discover what they have to teach us about the nature and practice of leadership. The style of this book is very engaging, because it features mini-biographies, each drawing out major lessons on leadership. It is more than a series of stories, though, because it identifies key trends in leadership through history and perennial principles which have guided great leaders in any age. At great read for every leader or aspiring leader.


Thinking for a Change
John C. Maxwell, Warner Business Books, 2003
The basic premise of Maxwell's book is that to do well in life we must first think well; we must plan and strategize for success. He argues that we can learn new mental habits which allow us to shape the future in line with positive goals and vision. Maxwell has established himself as a major force in the world of leadership training and this book will not disappoint.


The Luck Factor
Richard Wiseman, Arrow Books, 2004
For more than 10 years psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman conducted a unique research project. He set out to examine the behaviour of more than 1000 volunteers who consider themselves either "lucky" or "unlucky". The results allowed him to suggest that we actually hold the key to creating our own "luck". He suggests four behavioural techniques which he believes are proven to attract "good fortune". I don’t want to get caught up here with a discussion about luck in light of the Christian gospel, but this book does have something to say to those of us who believe that God has great purposes for our lives. It is more about leadership and helping people to reach out for more than it does about luck as such. What makes the book interesting, is that we have here a scientist looking into what makes some people lead better lives than others.


The Power of Vision
George Barna, Regal Books, 1992
I read this book some years ago when I was seeking God about changes, big changes, which were coming in my life and ministry. It is not a deep book, but the principles it contains are helpful when you're facing a profound change of direction; because it brings you back to the core truths about vision and mission. It also contains steps to finding God's vision for a church or ministry.


Working Identity
Herminia Ibarra
We all at time face questions about the direction and impact of our work. Many in leadership and ministry today are changing their roles not once but several times throughout the span of their ministry lives. Sometimes, we need help to identify the direction we should be taking. This book on career transition helps us to ask the right questions about our abilities, our connections and so on. It mixes theory with example of theory in practice. If you are in the process of "reinventing" your future, or seeking God about where you might be headed, this book may be of help. It is not a book written specifically for Christian leaders, but there are few if any written by qualified Christians in this area.


Summoned To Lead
Leonard Sweet, Zondervan, 2004
Ever since his seminal book “Soul Tsunami”, Leonard Sweet has established a unique place among Christianity’s commentators on post-modern culture. In this much smaller, but perhaps more accessible book, Sweet looks at the driving motivations and characteristics of people who lead from the front. He approaches leadership as an art as well as a science and, in the process, inspires hope in everyone who might feel they are not born to be a leader. He says, “The church has it all wrong. It is trying to train leaders. Instead, it ought to train everyone to listen and develop their own soundtrack.” This is a book for those who are seeking to be called out and summoned for greater things.


Leadership: From Mystery to Mastery
Larry W. Stout
Offers a paradigm of leadership which encompasses various disciplines. Some important insights into what makes leaders 'tick'

The Tom Peters Seminar
Thomas J. Peters


Color Outside the Lines: A Revolutionary Approach to Creative Leadership
Howard G. Hendricks, Charles R. Swindoll (Editor)
Developing creativity.


Becoming A Person Of Influence
John C. Maxwell
Leadership development.


How to Lose Friends & Infuriate People: Leadership in the Networked World
Jonar C. Nader, Gordon E. Jackson
Looks at the culture of leadership from a different angle.

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