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Everything Bad Is Good For You
Steven Johnson
This interesting book, with an intriguing title, puts forward a somewhat radical concept: that mass culture is actually more sophisticated than most people believe. Far from dumbing us down, says the author, things like reality TV and video games are actually sharpening our thinking abilities -- and he presents some interesting data and studies to back this up. A good read for anyone who is, like me, a student of both media and pop-culture.


Animation 101
Ernest Pintoff, Michael Weise Productions, 1998
This is a specialised little book which will be of great interest to anyone who aspires to practising the art of animation at any level. It provides short essays by proven animators and discusses the influence of great animators of the past. It easy to read and throws light on the motivations of successful animation artists.


Teach Yourself Creative Writing
Dianne Doubtfire (New Edition Revised by Ian Burton), Teach Yourself Books, 2003
We may not all set out to write the great post-modern novel or the world's greatest anthology of short stories. But most of us, especially in leadership, aspire to becoming great communicators. This book and covers key skills needed for creative writing which, I passionately believe, is a key to all great communication. At the base of any message effectively communicated is the art and skill of writing -- whether in the area of comedy, drama, teaching, journalism or preaching. If we are to be great communicators, we need to learn to articulate creative thoughts well -- this little book is an invaluable resource to help us achieve that.


Teach Yourself About Writing a Novel
Nigel Watts, Teach Yourself Books, 2003
Some of us dream of writing a novel one day. Not all of us actually get around to doing at. But I like this book for more than its instruction on writing a novel. It contains much that is helpful to any communicator, whether in media, public speaking or writing of any kind. It focuses on how a story can best be told. It is at easily accessible read, not too heavy, and a great investment for anyone who aspires to be an excellent communicator.


Love Marks: the Future Beyond Brands
Kevin Roberts, Murdoch Books
Kevin Roberts is the CEO worldwide for Saatchi and Saatchi and therefore a man uniquely placed to observe the changes occurring in the world of branding and marketing. It this book, he argues that people are now looking for more than loyalty to a brand -- they have left that behind. People are committing to products and services for reasons beyond pure advertising. Sometimes, we commit to products without even knowing why we are so attached to them. This intriguing book is great value not just for its content but for the beautiful way in which it is presented. It is not a textbook and it’s not a coffeetable picture book. It's beauty lies somewhere between the two. The book offers an aesthetic as well as an educational experience. A great read for anyone who is interested in marketing and its interface with media.


The Entertainment Economy
Michael J. Wolf, Three Rivers Press, 1999
The author looks at the impact of media and entertainment on Western culture, investigating the impact on the global economy. Wolf uses real-life examples to show how successful business people will in future need to act like moguls in a global economy which will increasingly be defined by hits and blockbusters in the same way as the movie industry is today. One of his favourite catchphrases is: "There's no business without show business." An interesting book on pop culture.


Directing 101
Ernest Pintoff, Michael Weise Productions, 1999
Directing 101 provides an introduction for anyone considering directing as a field of study or career. It takes a broad look at the process of directing movies, television, etc and encourages students and professionals alike to look outside of the movie industry for inspiration. It features a series of short essays by noted directors, who discuss the inspiration behind their work and the keys to their success. It begins with a series of short chapters on the major aspects of the work of a director.


Making Documentary Films And Reality Videos
Barry Hampe, Owl Books, 1997
This book is definitely a little smaller in size than “Directing the Documentary” by Rabiger, but it is another welcome addition to the collection of any aspiring documentary maker. The blurb on the book’s front cover says that it is “a practical guide to planning, filming, and editing documentaries of real events”. I think that is an appropriate description. It is clearly written, informative and well researched. The emphasis is on practicalities and the book is written in short segments, which makes it very accessible throughout. Mixing the philosophy of good film-making with the practix in good balance, the author has provided an invaluable tool.


Directing The Documentary (4th Edition)
Michael Rabiger, Focal Press, 2004 are
For many years, this book has been recognised as perhaps the definitive guide to documentary film-making. It is a huge volume, even in paperback form, and its weight alone suggests to readers that they’re about to embark on a major learning curve. Don’t be put off by its size, though, because this book is both easy to read and as exhaustive as you could hope any single book on this subject could be. The emphasis is on the hands-on work needed to turn a film or TV concept into reality. Topics covered include researching and fine-tuning a documentary idea, developing a crew, directing the team and maintaining control through shooting. It covers all aspects of pre-production and production and is a must-have addition to the library of any aspiring or experienced documentary writer, producer or director.


Media in Church and Mission: Communicating the Gospel
Viggo Sorgaard, William Carey Library, 1993
You won’t find many books in today's market that provide a concise, yet detailed overview of how modern media can be used by the church in its mission to the world. This book is an exception in that regard. With great empathy for both media and their audiences, Sorgaard looks at how the church should approach the process of communication in a wired world. He begins with helpful principles of general communication -- the kind of thing that should be taught in every leadership school, but isn't -- before moving on to discuss strategic planning and the processes involved in TV, video, radio and print production. Finally, he discusses how media can be used in targeted mission projects and gives helpful overviews on issues including screen writing, program formats and the like. This book is a must for anyone who aspires to skilfully use modern media to promote the age-old Christian message.


Changing the Mind of Missions: Where Have We Gone Wrong?
Jame F. Engel & William A. Dyrness
Challenges traditional assumptions and methods involved with Christian world outreach and suggests possible changes in the face of postmodern culture.


The Anatomy of Buzz: Creating World-of-Mouth Marketing
Emanuel Rosen
This book is destined to become a classic in the area of understanding, creating and sustaining 'buzz' about ideas and projects. ‘Buzz’ is the informal, word-of-mouth sharing of ideas that generates a ground swell of support for a product or project. It has become a huge area of study for major corporations and for leaders in almost every field of human activity. After all, gathering enthusiastic support for an idea is not only of concern to retailers and advertisers. All leadership involves bringing people together around ideas, and engendering a passion for that idea. Rosen’s book looks at how buzz is created and how it can be sustained. If you are a student of leadership, or someone with a passion for communication, it should be on your bookshelf!


The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing
George Silverman
Book designed for the business of lifting sales, has good insights into how buzz can be created and sustained


How to Survive and Win in the Media
Brian Edwards & Judy Cullingham
Useful insights into the art of being interveiwed in the media.

Television Studies: The Key Concepts
Casey, Casey, Calvert, French, Lewis
Looks at theory and methods of television production, including discussion of various genres and their influence on culture


Communication in History (3rd Edition)
David Crowley & Paul Heyer
Traces the history of communication and media, from ancient empires, through early Western history to modern forms


The Manipulators: A Conspiracy to Make Us Buy
Jeffrey Robinson


Making Innovation Happen
Michael Morgan
Development of creative thinking .


Mind Sculpture: Unlocking Your Brain's Untapped Potential
Ian Robertson
How to the brain grows through education, practice and conditioning.


New Thinking For The New Millennium
Edward de Bono
Discussion of the power of creative thought to re-design the future.


Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man
Marshall McLuhan
The classic book on the development of modern media.


The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
Malcolm Gladwell
I've been pushing this book, especially with leaders, for a few years now. Though it's not very old, it is already something of a classic, looking at how small ideas can become large phenomena almost overnight. Using examples from history and modern advertising, Gladwell looks at the people and factors that play their part in creating buzz about an idea and helping it to spread like a contagion through a population. A must-read for anyone seeking greater influence.

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