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SLC08: Into The Mainstream

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Next Wave International will host a unique summit of European church network and ministry leaders in Malaga, Spain, on May 8-10 2008.

SLC08: Into The Mainstream will be led by Mal Fletcher, the director of Next Wave International, and founder of the annual Strategic Leadership Consultation.

Asked about the aims of the summit, Mal said: 'The head of the British Army recently reminded us that wherever a spiritual vacuum exists in a nation, something will invariably move in to fill that space.'

'In some parts of Europe today that something is radical Islamist fundamentalism, in others it is atheism and secularism, in others, rampant consumerism.'

'More than ever, the church needs a vibrant voice that creatively engages the culture and reshapes it in a positive, godly direction. The SLC08 event is all about addressing that challenge - with creativity, compassion and courage.'

The forum will be held in the new Confortel Hotel, right by the sea on one of Europe's most beautiful beaches.

This year's SLC event celebrates ten years of these meetings, which have become a 'must-attend' for many church network leaders from 15 nations across Europe. For more on the event, click here.

The forum offers a unique opportunity for key senior leaders to share ideas and plans, and to pray together for a change in spiritual direction for Europe. Past contributors have included Reinhard Bonnke, Joel Edwards, Winkie Pratney, Steve Chalke and Arthur Blessitt.

Guest contributors at SLC08 will include Europe's leading futurist and acclaimed speaker and business strategist, Dr. Patrick Dixon, live and in person! (Other major contributors to be announced shortly.)

A special series of six TV programmes, drawing on highlights from the 2006 event, was seen by audiences around the globe on God TV.

For more, click here

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