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Pioneer Leadership Thinking
Establishing Breakthrough Ideas In Your Church, Organization or Business

By Mal Fletcher, added 26/10/2010
Category: Leadership

The Stig: Who Is That Masked Man?
What Top Gear Can Teach Us About Christian Life

By Mal Fletcher, added 02/09/2010
Category: Christian Living

Learning Mandela-Style Leadership
Leading with Focus, Dignity & Respect

By Mal Fletcher, added 16/03/2010
Category: Leadership

How To Choose The Brightest & Best
Choosing the Right Young Leaders for Your Team

By Mal Fletcher, added 03/02/2010
Category: Leadership

Nine Skills For Problem Solving
Equip Your Team To Meet Any Challenge

By Mal Fletcher, added 08/01/2010
Category: leadership

What To Ask Before You Turn The Page
Review Before You Make Resolutions

By Mal Fletcher, added 18/12/2009
Category: Leadership

Energy vs. Entropy
Dealing with Vision Entropy in your Enterprise

By Mal Fletcher, added 03/11/2009
Category: Leadership

Expand Your Worldview, Enlarge Your Influence
Narrow Worldview - Short Shelf Life

By Mal Fletcher, added 20/08/2009
Category: Leadership

Church Can Change The Culture Of Cities
How Churches Impact The Future

By Mal Fletcher, added 18/03/2009
Category: Leadership

Trends in Leadership
The Church Takes A Lead

By Mal Fletcher, added 05/03/2009
Category: Leadership

TWITTER: More Than Back Fence Gossip?
Sanctifying New Media Applications

By Mal Fletcher, added 12/02/2009
Category: Leadership

Strategic Thinking - The Platform for Influence
How Leaders Can Develop The Power Of Strategic Thought

By Mal Fletcher, added 23/01/2009
Category: Leadership

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Mal, I just wanted to thank you for visiting Abundant Life and RN06. I am a psychiatrist in the NHS and agree very much with what you were saying about the secular services coming to us in 20 years for advice on how to do things. A group of us are starting a ministry to be ready to be asked!
Rob, United Kingdom

Hi Mal, you recently preached at our Sunday service at Rhema Bible Church in Joburg, South Africa. You preached God's word with such simplicity and I left church feeling really inspired. It's been a blessing going through the articles on this site.
Elaine, South Africa

God is true to His word. [Recently] it seemed as though I faced an entire mountain range. A friend blessed me with the Next Wave site. God bless you Mal and all the saints who knit your ministry together. On to massive revival in Europe.
Robert, Germany

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