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Five Leadership Shifts for 2012
The Big Trends that will Shape Organisational Cultures

By Mal Fletcher, added 31/12/2011
Category: Leadership

Church in the Public Square
Video interview with Mal Fletcher

By Mal Fletcher, added 23/09/2011
Category: Leadership & Life

People Still Want Faith
MORI Global Poll & its Lessons for Church

By Mal Fletcher, added 12/07/2011
Category: Leadership

Tapping the Trust Revolution
Culture of Innovation Pt 3

By Mal Fletcher, added 22/06/2011
Category: Leadership & Life

Church & The New Atheism
There's Nothing to Fear

By Mal Fletcher, added 16/05/2011
Category: Leadership & Life

Salting the City
Overcoming Secularism, Consumerism & Atheism

By Mal Fletcher, added 07/04/2011
Category: Leadership

Creating a Culture of Innovation - 2
Russian Dolls and Vacuum Cleaners

By Mal Fletcher, added 31/03/2011
Category: Leadership

Building a Culture of Innovation
Ideas Don't Hang Out In Singles' Bars

By Mal Fletcher on BBC Radio, added 04/02/2011
Category: Leadership

Answering the Spirit of the Times

By Mal Fletcher, added 31/01/2011
Category: Leadership

Christmas: An Opportunity To Lift The Team
How Christmas Can Help You As A Leader

By Mal Fletcher, added 15/12/2010
Category: Leadership

Wide Horizon Thinking
Truly Strategic Leadership

By Mal Fletcher, added 01/12/2010
Category: Leadership

Pioneer Leadership Thinking
Establishing Breakthrough Ideas In Your Church, Organization or Business

By Mal Fletcher, added 26/10/2010
Category: Leadership

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