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A Lifestyle Or Life
A Lesson For The Church From “The Passion Of The Christ" - Part 2

By Mal Fletcher, added 22/06/2004
Category: Leadership

What We've Forgotten
A Lesson For The Church From “The Passion Of The Christ" - Part 1

By Mal Fletcher, added 06/06/2004
Category: Leadership Interview: Mal Fletcher

By Joanna S.Wong,, added 15/05/2004
Category: Interviews

Robotics, Biotech & The Need To Stay Human

By Mal Fletcher, added 05/05/2004
Category: Social Issues

The Passion Of The Christ (For Europe)

By Mal Fletcher, added 21/04/2004
Category: Leadership

Privacy In The Age Of Big Brother

By Mal Fletcher, added 17/04/2004
Category: Social Issues

Moral Truth In An Age Of Relativism

By Mal Fletcher, added 16/04/2004
Category: Christian Living

How Do Media Help Us?

By Mal Fletcher, added 14/03/2004
Category: Media & Communication

Who Needs Celebrity?
The Battle for Hearts and Minds - Part 4

By Mal Fletcher, added 05/03/2004
Category: Christian Living

Money vs Mammon, Soul vs Self
The Battle for Hearts and Minds - Part 3

By Mal Fletcher, added 04/02/2004
Category: Christian Living

No More Village Thinking
The Battle for Hearts and Minds - Part 2

By Mal Fletcher, added 02/02/2004
Category: Christian Living

You Are Not An Accident!

By Ray Bevan, added 01/02/2004
Category: Christian Living

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Dear Mal, I saw you some years ago in Lisbon. I was deeply blessed by your prophetic spirit for the nations. I'm especially moved by your messages that speak about being an influence in our world...
Paulo Batista, Portugal

Rocknations went to another level this year: it was rocking. The bands were awesome, the messages were life-changing, challenging me to live God loud. It's amazing when God shows up at a place.
PHUMZILE, United Kingdom

It was a real blessing to have you with us in Norwich. You showed us an inspiring professional edge as an example of the greatness required for influence.
Owen, UK

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