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In Touch With The Times, Ahead Of The Times
Contemporary To Become Prophetic

By Mal Fletcher, added 28/12/2008
Category: Leadership

Leadership in Tough Times
The Need for Confidence & Competence

By Mal Fletcher, added 22/12/2008
Category: Leadership

Dealing With Distraction & Temptation
Keeping The Right Focus

By Mal Fletcher, added 28/08/2008
Category: Christian Living

Old Story - New Media
Using New Media & Web 3 To Share Faith.

By Mal Fletcher, added 18/06/2008
Category: Media & Communication

Vision & The Architecture Of Participation
The Radical Truth About Vision Part 2

By Mal Fletcher, added 28/03/2008
Category: Leadership

The Radical Truth About Vision
What The Goal-Setting Gurus Won't Tell You...

By Copyright Mal Fletcher 2008, added 16/02/2008
Category: Leadership

A New Year's Resolution Worth Making
Facing Frustration is Just a Part of Vision

By Mal Fletcher, added 08/01/2008
Category: Leadership

Out Of The Bubble
Becoming The City On A Hill

By Mal Fletcher, added 01/12/2007
Category: Leadership

Is Science Replacing God?
Is God Becoming Irrelevant?

By Mal Fletcher, added 14/08/2007
Category: Leadership

Sex & Singleness
Is Sex Really The Height Of Human Experience?

By Mal Fletcher, added 18/06/2007
Category: Leadership

Creating A Culture Of Influence
We Were Made For Infuence

By Mal Fletcher , added 24/05/2007
Category: Leadership

Alienate & Integrate
Babylon's Strategy

By Mal Fletcher, added 21/02/2007
Category: Christian Living

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Great article, Mal! I placed a link to it on my blog today and have had very positive feedback from people who have read it.
Mark Connor, Australia

Mal, I'm from Germany but the last time we met was in Johannesburg during the Rhema Conference... I identify with what you are doing & hope it encourages to let you know that there are folks praying for you.
Ben, Germany

I watched your EDGES show on witchcraft yesterday, it was really good! I use to dabble in that stuff & God let me know that there really was a devil & God!
Vicki, United States

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