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In Touch With The Times, Ahead Of The Times
Contemporary To Become Prophetic

By Mal Fletcher, added 28/12/2008
Category: Leadership

Leadership in Tough Times
The Need for Confidence & Competence

By Mal Fletcher, added 22/12/2008
Category: Leadership

Dealing With Distraction & Temptation
Keeping The Right Focus

By Mal Fletcher, added 28/08/2008
Category: Christian Living

Old Story - New Media
Using New Media & Web 3 To Share Faith.

By Mal Fletcher, added 18/06/2008
Category: Media & Communication

Vision & The Architecture Of Participation
The Radical Truth About Vision Part 2

By Mal Fletcher, added 28/03/2008
Category: Leadership

The Radical Truth About Vision
What The Goal-Setting Gurus Won't Tell You...

By Copyright Mal Fletcher 2008, added 16/02/2008
Category: Leadership

A New Year's Resolution Worth Making
Facing Frustration is Just a Part of Vision

By Mal Fletcher, added 08/01/2008
Category: Leadership

Out Of The Bubble
Becoming The City On A Hill

By Mal Fletcher, added 01/12/2007
Category: Leadership

Is Science Replacing God?
Is God Becoming Irrelevant?

By Mal Fletcher, added 14/08/2007
Category: Leadership

Sex & Singleness
Is Sex Really The Height Of Human Experience?

By Mal Fletcher, added 18/06/2007
Category: Leadership

Creating A Culture Of Influence
We Were Made For Infuence

By Mal Fletcher , added 24/05/2007
Category: Leadership

Alienate & Integrate
Babylon's Strategy

By Mal Fletcher, added 21/02/2007
Category: Christian Living

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Mal, I watched you on God TV last Saturday & was so encouraged to hear you speak about 'making God famous'. Thanks for your commitment to Europe, it really encourages me!
Gillian, United Kingdom

I've been listening to a lot of the EDGES shows online and find them highly intellectual and factual and extremely interesting. They're so useful in building my understanding of real issues seen from Christian eyes... I love it! Thanks.
Joel, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed your article on 'UFO's: are we alone?'.
David, Australia

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