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A New Year's Reflection

By Mal Fletcher, added 19/12/2006
Category: Christian Living

Invading The Wireless World
Using The Net Well

By Mal Fletcher, added 23/11/2006
Category: Leadership

Holding Onto Your Identity

By Mal Fletcher, added 02/10/2006
Category: Christian Living

Mastering Your Imagination
Attracting The Favour Of God

By Mal Fletcher, added 14/09/2006
Category: Christian Living

Culture Is Spiritual
Excerpt from 'The Future is X'

By Mal Fletcher, added 23/07/2006
Category: Leadership

Contemporary Is Not Enough
Extract from 'The Church Of 2020' ... New Book by Mal Fletcher

By Mal Fletcher, added 30/03/2006
Category: Leadership

Vision: Don't Be Distracted
Realise The Importance Of The Work

By Mal Fletcher, added 21/02/2006
Category: Christian Living

Facing The Year With Boldness
Developing Attitoood!

By Mal Fletcher, added 31/12/2005
Category: Christian Living

Sharing Your Faith This Christmas

By Mal Fletcher, added 16/12/2005
Category: Christian Living

The Less Clicks The Better
Communication: What The Internet Can Teach Us

By Mal Fletcher, added 01/12/2005
Category: Media & Communication

Ten Years In Europe
Special Interview

By Mal Fletcher, added 21/10/2005
Category: Interviews

Gen-X: On A Quest
Excerpt from 'The Future is X', the new book by Mal Fletcher

By Mal Fletcher, added 05/09/2005
Category: Christian Living

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Having heard Mal speak at Hillsong Australia, I paid your websites a visit. I find your EDGES programs inspiring and educational. Thanks.
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Mal, the Lord gives you deep and important insights into many current issues. Thanks for being faithful to him.

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